CA4KT1 Multiroom Controller Amplifier

The CA4 system is an affordable four-zone, four-source multiroom system. Share your music anywhere in your home, at the touch of a button. Enjoy your favorite albums in the kitchen and living room while satellite radio plays in the den. The CA4 multiroom system makes enjoying your music throughout your home an affordable luxury. The CA4-KP keypad selects between four available sources and adjusts bass, treble and loudness. The keypad also sets source grouping, all on, all off, and party mode. Featuring green backlighting, an IR receiver and IR confirmation through an LED status indicator, the keypad includes white and almond trim plates and fits in any Decora plate. Two CA4 controllers can be connected, easily expanding to eight zones for larger homes or budgets. the CA4-RC remote controler, includes extensive IR device codes and learning capabilities, making control of the system as simple as pressing a button. With advanced features and easy to use controls, the new CA4 combines exceptional value and straightforward operation for a truly affordable multiroom audio experience.